Friday, January 30, 2015

Necromancer--The Order--Part 2 Installment 22

This is really late because I am a terrible person. This is the last installment of Part Two. I will return March 2nd with Part Three. See you all on the other side.

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Deathly’s lab was quiet except for his mechanical breathing as he worked on his latest experiment. Morbid was not even in the temple, Muderous was on a mission, and the others rarely bothered Deathly. It was nice. As much as he enjoyed turning Morbid against Masuta, he needed tonight. He needed time to work in silence without interruptions.
A spark ran through Deathly’s body then and he dropped the test tube he held. It shattered on the floor, splashing blood everywhere, but Deathly didn’t notice that. He was focused on the feeling that had rushed through him. He knew it. It was one of his creations. He always knew when they died, because he could feel it, could feel part of himself return, a jolt, but this was different. This was...puzzling. This he only felt when they came back to life.
“How were you brought back…?”
Deathly whirled around, rushing to his cabinet, unlocking it with unnaturally clumsy fingers, until he yanked the doors open. The spider web of silver threads was there as always, drops of light sliding up and down them. Occasionally, one would flash, red, black, purple, and more as the corresponding Immortal felt a surge of emotion. Deathly had become so used to seeing only five illuminated threads that he had to touch the sixth to be sure.
It glowed.
Deathly gaped at it, then ripped off his glove, holding up his bare hand in the air and whispering. His hand was wrapped in lines of symbols inked into his skin in raised lines. As he spoke, individual sigils flashed green, one after another.
The sixth thread hummed, glowing brighter for a moment. Then as Deathly watched, the silver thread began to darken, the silver leeching away to become vivid copper. 
Deathly pivoted from the room, leaving the cabinet open and the glove discarded on the floor. Running, he descended to the depths of the temple, then lower still, to the crypts. No light existed here until Deathly set his hand to glowing green.
Hath,” he hissed and the light flashed away and spread, elucidating the room from every angle and leaving no clear source. The walls were curved, seamlessly running into the ceiling. Only someone who had helped build it would even know this ancient place was a crypt. It had no markers, no graves, no signs that anyone had been here before, but for the too-smooth walls.
Deathly reached up and undid the ties on his mask, then removed it from his head, dropping it to the floor. Then he took off his other glove revealing a hand as covered in symbols as the first. Muttering under his breath, all the symbols began to glow green.
The ground beneath Deathly cracked, then parted. Out of the ground rose a four-legged, headless creature comprised only of bones.
Find him,” Deathly ordered.
The minion scuttled off out of sight, leaving Deathly in the crypt alone. He replaced his hood, then picked up his glove, staring at the hole the bone minion had emerged from. Then all the light disappeared.

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