Friday, November 18, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Ah convenience. The art of being as lazy as possible, or as says, "something conducive to comfort or ease." (Perhaps a little ironically, spelling convenience is not conducive for comfort or ease. It takes a little work until one can remember how it goes; however, writing about convenience in a blog post is a good way to learn how to spell it right the first time. Now I just need to write something that utilizes definitely often so I can get that one right the first time. I think I understand why the world of texting etc compressed it into 'def.') A year later, I return to my train of thought about how the world, as in people in general, loves convenience. The easier and more convenient something is the more popular it becomes. Watch commercials and notice one of the biggest things they push is convenience. Get a quote in five minutes. Online. So you don't have to move from your chair (assuming it's by the computer) and don't have to leave whatever you were doing for terribly long. Convenience stores are all about convenience. Here, look! All sorts of snacks and coffee and caffeine that you can get whilst getting gas. That's right. Whilst. Except nobody uses whilst except me. And my sister. Anyway, so many things cater to our convenience. And I love it. I love convenience. I really do. 'Tis nice.  But I do not deny the absolute negative effects our lovely conveniences give us. Flashback with me a few years. Disney-Pixar makes a movie called Wall-e. The humans in that movie are a prime example of what happens with too much convenience. We get fat and lazy (fitting the American stereotype might I add) and stop fighting for the things that are important to us. We stop caring and become jaded, riled only when someone comes and removes our sweet convenience. Curiously, some of the things we love most, entertainment from movies, TV, and books, are about the most inconvenient things. Those are the stories no one wants to hear. Perhaps we should emulate those heroes more. At least so far as dealing with inconvenience goes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

When You Lose the Queen

I love problems. Problems are so fun. I love all the problematic times with I'm sick with frustration because of some problem I'm having difficulties solving. I mean, who doesn't love problems?
Yeah, that's sarcasm. 'Problem' doesn't generally correlate with 'fun.' Sometimes I appreciate a challenging problem, especially in games, such as chess or other strategy games. But in life, the solution to the problem isn't as casual as you win or lose a game. Ofttimes solutions affect your life and relationships. 
Most of the time I follow someone else's lead when it comes to problem-solving, but this is usually because they are older and wiser as well as have had experience with those types of problems before. Not wanting to make a mistake, I followed them and their suggestions. I hate having to learn from my mistakes so I learn from others and try my hardest to avoid making any. Mistakes often involve light reprimands, gentle corrections, and/or getting in trouble. I really hate getting in trouble or being reprimanded. or messing up, though I know I will because I have, so I avoid those situations. I don't know what it says about my problem-solving skills, because I can certainly problem-solve. Generally I look at situations as if they are no big deal while some part of me screams the world will end if the problem is not resolved correctly. I deal with the difficulty and move on with my life. The world has yet to end. Some problems make me want to cry or hit something but given time and space eventually I can come back and approach the issue in a clearer way or at least a more rational manner.
(This has been a banal blog without even interesting wording or tone. My apologies. It's one of those days.)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Technically, This is About Homework

It's funny how when you're trying really hard to write a good research paper and you have quiet and peace and coffee how you can't. And then the harder you try the less you get. It's like your brain demands that you do something else, or write something else. Well, unfortunately for both me and my brain I have to write that research paper whether I can think of how to or not. So this is one of those times when you absolutely cannot of think of what to write but supposedly if you just write something than your brain juices will start flowing with ideas etc. Hence why I am writing my blog instead of my paper. I might as well be productive somehow.
Anyway, long introductory rant over, I shall now attend the topic. What horribly blatant writing. Alright, so homework. (This is something of a free write for me, so bear with me. Eventually I'll start making sense and have coherent thoughts) I personally hate homework. One example of why is, it is the reason I'm in my current predicament. Though possibly research papers fall under the category of projects. It's a little fuzzy. Another reason I hate homework is that when you get it, you get it good. Or at least I do. Every class assigns as much homework as tit can possibly think of and then give it all the same due date. Don't you just love when that happens? Then you get to sit at your desk or other place of study for hours and stare at paper until you're cross-eyed and bald (from pulling out your hair in frustration). But I'm exaggerating just a touch. I have yet to go cross-eyed or bald from homework, but that's because I do homework spastically, jumping from subject to subject. What can I say, I have a short attention span? Sometimes.
Unfortunately for homework, I'm not done yet. (This is slightly ironic I think, because I am cursing homework in a homework assignment.) You see, there is yet another reason that homework is the bane of my existence. (Well, that's not strictly true. Math is the bane of my existence. Math and cheese, but psh.) Homework assignments are usually extremely boring. I mean really really boring. I wouldn't mind them half as much if they weren't so irritatingly boring. I understand the idea behind it, but come on! I thought learning was supposed to fun. Why do you think so many students hate school? It's boring. Learning has been magically turned into this soul-drained husk of the banal and irksome. At least that's why I didn't like high school particularly much. 
Where was I? Right. Why do I do homework. Most definitely because I have to but also because I want to because I do not let myself get bad grades. Or average ones.
I think I would hate the no homework/project thing, because an oral defense sounds evil. And I thought final exams were nasty. Also, some students who are prone to procrastination (cough, cough, me, cough, ahem.) might not study or whatever throughout the semester/trimester, or at least it will be a struggle for them to do so when there are books to be read.
And I think that I'm ready to go beat my research paper into the ground. I'm afraid I'm not terribly good at informative only writing because one, it bores me, and two, I can't stand boring other people with my writing and if I'm bored so are my poor readers. So this is good practice for me (maybe?) but....I fear for my grade. This paper might just destroy me. With that in mind, I'm going to kick some paper butt because I can. And I have to.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Plastic Butter Knives are Useless

My senior year of high school we worked with this irritating book called Riverside Reader. It was a book about writing. But pieces of writing, such as definition, persuasion, compare and contrast, etc. Each week we had to read a chapter and then write a half page to one page paper on that subject. It looked like a most irritating and evil type of assignment, but turned out to be almost fun. The hardest part about it was picking an interesting topic. It was both valuable and instructive because it taught me things I needed to know about writing and different types of writing and it was valuable because I remember all the different ones. I learned how to turn banal assignments into interesting and fun things which is a very useful skill to have. Basically it's the whole spoonful of sugar thing coming on. It taught me intellectually because it taught me about the different types of writing, as I have said. It changed me emotionally because, as I earlier stated, I learned how to enjoy otherwise boring things. Spiritually, I don't think it changed me much. Or if it did I have yet to notice. It may be that later in life I will come across something and realize I was changed spiritually by this.